About Tiphtara

On the banks of the river Chao Praya, in Bangkok

a word,

a word which I like,

for its harmony,

for its sonority,

for its music,

and for the « H » right in the middle which immediately gives it a personality !


One can translate “Tipthara” to mean  ‘a magical river’ or ‘a view of the river’


Tipthara and water…

What has that to do with fashion accessories ?



And yet,


A source of inspiration,

Lights, colours, boats sailing by, life,

The sky’s reflection,

The setting sun,

A magical river,

A view of the river.


Water, an invitation to voyage,

Daydreaming in Phnom-Penh on the banks of the Mekong,

Night falling over the Bosphorus in Istanbul,

Contemplating the river Chao Praya and the lights of Bangkok,

Marvelling over the majesty of the Tage, in Lisbon.

Travel to distant lands…

Soothing, enchanting, inspiring voyages,

To unearth talent,

To meet designers

To be moved by beautiful things,

To find the unique,

To tell a story with colours and textures,

To find magical details,

To suggest a certain elegance

An accessory that says who we are,

An accessory that shows our mood of the moment…

The choice of an accessory is not only a look at oneself, but why not… an invitation to voyage and to dreaming?


This is what I ‘d like you to find here…


Veronique Mirieu de Labarre