Fashion accessories from Tipthara

You won't find the latest "it-bag" here...but you will find the unusual, the unique, the help you create a new & wonderful look.

Tipthara plays with the seasons....
why not cashmere in July and beach baskets in December...?
It all depends on your fancy...or where your travels take you..!

We have sought out young & very talented designers....some from Europe
& others from further afield

handbags, scarves, jewellery, shoes....
leather, silk, cashmere, pearls, semi-precious stones...
& above all.....colour

a turquoise hat,
purple cufflinks,
an orange handbag,
a multi-coloured scarf

This is what the world of Tipthara offers you....

Choose an accessory, find harmony, discover your style....
There are no rules....or maybe just two....
Dare! & Smile!
(& as you go by...heads will turn!)


On the banks of the river Chao Praya, in Bangkok…
There was a word…
A word which appealed to me
For its sound,
Its resonance
Its musicality….
and then that « H » in the middle, giving it a personality all of its own!

One can translate “Tipthara” as “Magic of the River” or “View of the River”

Tipthara and water…
What has that to do with fashion accessories ?

And yet,
A source of inspiration,
Light, colour, boats sailing by, life,
The sky’s reflection,
The setting sun,
A magical river,
A view of the river.

Water, an invitation to travel…
To dream of Phnom Penh on the banks of the Mekong
To see night fall over the Bosphorus in Instanbul
To contemplate the Chao Praya & the lights of Bangkok
To marvel over the majesty of the Tage in Lisbon

Voyages to distant lands…
Soothing, enchanting, inspiring voyages…..

To unearth talent,
To meet designers,
To be moved by beautiful objects,
To find the unique,
To tell a story with colours and textures,
To search for the magic in the smallest of details
To suggest a certain elegance

An accessory that says who we are,
An accessory that shows our mood of the moment…

The choice of an accessory is not only a look at oneself, but why not… an invitation to travel and to dream?

This is what I ‘d like you to find here…