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Once your consent has been given and you have completed the relevant forms, you will find out how to submit your request here. The contract may have been terminated – download the list of terminated agreements (Excel) First, go to our document search and try a full-text search for agreements. If you have requested your consent and cannot find it: the information and tools available on the Commission`s website will help you reach an agreement. DCWP is in the process of updating and translating documents to reflect the following new changes to New York`s Paid Sick and Safety Leave Act. If you need help understanding the minimum wage and the conditions that apply to you, contact the Fair Work Ombudsman. As a reminder, employers with 5 to 99 employees in New York State must provide up to 40 hours of paid leave each calendar year. Employers with four or fewer employees in New York State and a net income of less than $1 million must allow their employees to take up to 40 hours of unpaid leave. Please continue to monitor .