Accent Housing Tenancy Agreement

We have a wide range of properties available, including houses, apartments, bungalows and sheltered apartments (self-catering residential accommodation) for over 55s, available directly from Accent Housing. The differences are subtle, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the type of lease you have. We need to make sure you can afford to live in your home, so we will ask you to provide information about your income and expenses and the benefits you might receive. We need to check with your former landlord and, in certain circumstances, contact other agencies such as the housing allowance service, the police or the probation service. We usually keep information about your tenancy or lease six years after your tenancy ends or when you sell your home. It is then destroyed or safely deleted. This allows us to comply with certain legal obligations and provide other services that you may need, for example. B references to another owner. However, if you still have outstanding debts or if there are other outstanding legal issues, we may need to retain your data for more than six years. Secure Rental: This is our most common type of rental and starts after your entry-level rental. The rent for your home is set at the beginning of your rental and reviewed once a year. The date of your rental valuation is indicated in your lease with details of how your rent will increase.

We must respect your lease and the rules established by the government. The government sets out the formula that we use to calculate the rent we charge you each year. The formula we use to calculate the rent increase is based on the September 2019 Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is 1.7% plus 1%. You can let us know in writing or by filling out the cancellation form below – once we have received the form, a member of your local team will discuss the next steps with you. Each board has its own way of deciding who is a priority for housing municipalities or housing associations. It is best to check with your local council. The people who must be included in the housing register are: Our data protection officer is Mags Pearson, responsible for regulation and insurance. It provides help and support to ensure that we comply with our data protection obligations. She can be contacted by email at: or by mail at: Charlestown HouseAcorn Park Industrial EstateOtley Road,ShipleyBD17 7SW For more information on how we calculate your rental and service fees for 2020, click here.

If you are unsure of the type of housing association rental you have, please read your lease or contact your client partner. Find out more about the housing schemes we offer and where these housing associations are located in the UK. Insured leases are designed to reflect the rights of a secure tenancy. There must be a valid reason to evict you from a secure lease. An example could be not paying the rent or not following the rules of the contract. There are different types of leases for housing associations, but at Accent Housing we often use the following types of leases for housing associations. A secure lease allows for a secure long-term rental. As long as a tenant lives in a house, he can actually stay there for the rest of his life. However, many housing associations rent out their properties through their municipal government in election rentals.

At Accent Housing, we have different types of leases. Your agreement is based on when you became a tenant with us and the type of home you are in. Accent Housing has over 2,000 homes across the UK and has helped over 41,000 residents find accommodation for themselves and their families. Accent Housing is a housing association committed to helping those in need find affordable, quality housing. If you are a freeholder, you have a transfer agreement with us. Some freeholders receive services such as maintenance and repair of certain common areas. Freehold customers should refer to their respective agreement with us for more details on their specific rights and obligations. If you live in the UK and need accommodation, you can benefit from a rental from a housing association. The housing association is a dwelling belonging to social landlords. This means that they are independent non-profit owners who strive to ensure that everyone who needs it has access to housing.

Housing association leases ensure that all the money they earn goes back to the people who need it, and the money you pay in rent goes straight to supporting your home and building new homes so that everyone can have affordable, high-quality housing. Manage your rental online – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week If you are a tenant with us, you have essentially signed up for a very long rental. A housing association offers guaranteed leases and you usually have the right to buy your home at a discount. The amount of the termination that you must give us is indicated in your rental agreement. This can vary, but it`s usually four weeks. You are responsible for paying your rent before the end of this notice period, even if you leave before the date. There are also certain legal rights that accompany a secure lease, such as .B. the right to inheritance. This means that you can pass on your tenancy to a spouse or family member if you die. Starting rental: This is the type of rental we issue to new tenants.

First of all, your first rental will initially only last 12 months. If there are no problems or significant violations of your lease, this can be promoted to a fully insured tenancy. If you are looking for affordable, safe and high-quality housing, you may have seen the rental of a housing association on a term basis a few times and you may be wondering what a rental from a housing association is. How do they work? and how can they benefit me and my family? At Accent Housing, we strive to bring as many people as possible into safe and secure housing and to have a range of apartments and rentals so that everyone can be accommodated. We have housing associations all over the north of England and we are convinced that we have the rental of a housing association that is perfect for you and your family. While you live in your home, we use your information to ensure that you are meeting the contractual obligations set out in your lease and to ensure that we are meeting our obligations to you. We will write to you and tell you the exact day of the end of your rental. We will also make an appointment to inspect your home before you leave to discuss any repairs or renovations we deem necessary before returning your keys.

As part of an insured rental, you can usually stay in your home for the rest of your life. A fixed-term rental usually lasts five years. These are not definitive lists of responsibilities, please check your agreement if you are not sure if any of them apply to you or Accent. The conditions of approval start with your landlord. You will need to determine what type of lease you need to determine if you are allowed to make home exchanges. A mutual home exchange – often referred to as a housing exchange – occurs when you exchange your home with another resident of a housing community or association. But there are people who cannot be denied housing and others who are not entitled to it. We are sorry to hear that you want to leave us.

Please complete this form and a member of your local housing team will contact you to discuss next steps. The difference between a meeting house and a housing association house is mainly the type of lease you will sign. We have apartments for all types of people and we try to meet as many needs as possible. This means that we have homes for single people, families with children, the elderly and people with disabilities who need certain requirements. This is different from a rental transfer where you ask to move to another community or housing association house if it is available. Our most common types of housing contracts are listed below: Identity data: name, gender, date of birth, social security number, identification documents (e.B copy of a passport or driver`s license), photo, password. We can help you exchange homes with someone through the process of mutual exchange via House Exchange. Data protection law allows us to use personal data, but only if we have a legal and appropriate reason to do so. We use the information for the following legal reasons: Can I buy my Accent home? Some of our tenants may be eligible to purchase the home they are renting.

Learn more. Use of Accent ContentAny content on the pages of our website may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, displayed, distributed, disseminated or transmitted in any way without our prior written consent. Permission to use our content must be requested in writing from our media and communication specialist: with a secure rental, you often have the right to have your home repaired, exchange it for another property and even buy your home. When you use our online services such as MyAccount, we may analyze information provided to us by web analytics services such as Google Analytics. This allows us to track who visited MyAccount, how much time you spent on the website, when you visited myAccount and which pages you visited. In addition to the information collected above, Google Analytics also includes: Your customer reference ID so that we can identify individuals based on the information analyzed by the web analytics service. .