What Is Contract Administration in Architecture

Regardless, many design professionals are moving away from using the term « construction management. » « The term can be confusing, » Rabasca says. He points out that for a layman, « managing » is not far from « monitoring » or « managing, » and some – including customers – might mistakenly believe that « construction management » means « construction supervision » or « construction management. » Rabasca says that many clients and even some budding professionals also confuse « construction observation » with « construction contract management. » The latter often includes the former, but the latter certainly does not describe the latter (are you still with us?). The role of contract management is assumed during the construction and delivery phase of a construction or construction project. A contract administrator is responsible for managing the terms of a construction contract between the parties involved. While the role is quite broad, a contract administrator requires a high level of accountability and accountability. The day-to-day tasks and requirements of a contract manager can vary depending on the type and size of the project and location. Contracts can also vary in complexity and in nature, although general requirements for a contract manager typically include the following: So, what term should you use? Rabasca says you`d better use the terms used by the AIA, EJCDC or RAIC. « Contract Management », « Construction Contract Management » and « Contract Management » describe in more detail the role of a planning professional during the services of the construction phase. « It`s important to be precise in our terminology, » says Rabasca. « This can help shape expectations, give clients and their lawyers one less grip to try to distort what an A/E is responsible for, and ultimately reduce the risk of misunderstandings and disputes. » 1 The Architect`s Handbook of Professional Practice by the AIA, fifteenth edition. Contract directors are appointed by the client, but when certifying an assessment or decision, they must act honestly and reasonably and their decisions may be challenged through the dispute resolution procedure, unless the contract makes their final and conclusive decisions. The contract manager role does not begin until there is a construction contract between the employer and the contractor, although in some cases the contract manager must also provide pre-contractual services.

This will be done on a case-by-case basis. CA is responsible for a variety of services from the beginning of the contract to the end of the contract. Design professionals use various terms in contracts, websites, and correspondence to describe their services during the construction phase of a project. Contract management is the management of the contract between the employer or client and the contractor. A contract administrator or employer representative is required to manage, negotiate, support and execute the contracting process. Contract management formally begins when the contractor is responsible for delivering the construction project and related work. The contract management phase is global and includes everything: if the contract is of the « design and construction » type, the role is called « employer agent » and varies slightly in the way it is performed. For decades, many A/E have used the term « construction management » (instead of « contract management ») to refer to the services they provide during the construction phase of a project. Some lawyers also used « construction administration » in their writings and pleadings, following the jargon of their clients.

The term has found its way into books, magazine articles and even previous issues of AXA XL`s Contract eGuide for Design Professionals. .