MY BOB by Geoffroy Moreels

Interview MY BOB

MY BOB by Geoffroy Moreels

Tell us about yourself ?

MY BOB is a globetrotter, curious about live that enjoys meeting people, learning about different cultures in a positive atmosphere.

What inspires your designs ?

We find inspiration in every day tasks, in people’s stories, in our travels, in movies, food in colours and from our customers.

How would you describe your style ?

The style reflects the personality of the team…
MY BOB is international, classic but contemporary and provocative, charming and sexy that likes quality and fun with a twist.
It’s the eye and definitely the touch of softness, comfort and memories.
MY BOB is functional, protecting against environment conditions.
MY BOB is about being outside, travelling, reading, living, and enjoying each moment of life.

What other talent would you like to have ?

Writing, speaking and body language is not a problem. Writing is a challenge as I have been educated by different cultures in different languages.

Who would be your perfect dinner guest(s) ?

I love food and share it with another person.
Why not breakfast? at least it gives you more time to enjoy the person… a person I can laugh with and share about life.

I’m good at…

Communicating with people.

But I’m very bad at..

Drawing something, I stopped my artistic development when I was 5 years old.… Without the artistic team MY BOB would look like everything and nothing.

And to finish, if your brand was a colour ?

that is easy…. MY BOB red

a season ?

each season is interesting and has its purpose. Ideally it’s winter or summer where MY BOB has its protective purpose. In spring and autumn, people tempt to be more creative with MY BOB.

a country ?

We live in a global world where the respect of cultures is important but where national boundaries are becoming irrelevant.
MY BOB is today about the globe.

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