Tipthara…..An Adventure!

To start with.. …the search for new and exciting designers…and once found, the thrill of going on a mega shopping spree… !!..Such fun!

Now I have the stock, it’s time for some serious work… lots of checking, double checking, describing, measuring, making lists and more lists, referencing and cross-referencing….

And then finally I need to take some photographs…that, I know how to do , at least I thought I did… Some 3000 photos later…and hours and hours of sorting them, I realise that I’ve taken some pretty good ones…but also some pretty awful ones too…that funky orange hat, that I thought I had lit and positioned just right, has suddenly almost completely disappeared!!

I’ve done my best, it’s time for me to ask a professional photographer to come to the rescue!…. Introducing Monsieur Jacques Gavard, professional photographer, accomplished Blues musicien, rock ‘n roll fan…

And next step, another new adventure.…a “shoot”…after two busy days, thanks to Jacques & his great sense of humour and professionalism…I have some fabulous photos for the site . Thank you Jacques!

(oh, and some silly (!) ones that I thought it would be amusing to put on this blog…)

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